Saweetie Says Her New Music Is ‘Coming Soon’ And Asks Fans For Collaboration Suggestions

Saweetie‘s breakout hit “My Type” put the rapper on the map this summer. The release of her Icy EP was followed by a growing fanbase, critical acclaim, and several remixes. The rapper has now appeased her new fans with information about upcoming music, sharing a photo of herself in the studio and and saying new music was “coming soon.”

Saweetie took to social media to get fans excited about new music. “Y’all ready for this new music?” she wrote. “#IcySeason coming soon.” In order to get her fans more engaged, the rapper asked for collaboration suggestions.

While the rapper is working on crafting more music to add to her catalog, she recently revealed she nearly quit music entirely before her career took off. In an upcoming interview with FuseTV’s Made From Scratch, she discussed her rise to fame with her aunt and grandma by her side. Her aunt said she called her one day to say she was beginning to look for other jobs because her music hadn’t garnered attention. “I started going on job interviews for hospitals and I was lying on my application,” Saweetie said. “They would offer me these positions, and right before I would agree to be hired, or whatever it was, my heart just didn’t feel right.” Thankfully, she decided to keep working on music and her hard work paid off.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.

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