Saweetie Teases A New Song, ‘Get It Girl,’ In Her Beats By Dre Ad

Saweetie’s brand continues to grow, adding another new partnership to her ever-expanding compilation of them. Her latest big-money team-up is with Beats By Dre; Saweetie appears in the latest campaign for the noise-canceling Beats Fit Pro headphones arriving this Friday, November 5. In addition, she contributes a new song, “Get It Girl,” which plays over the ad. She struts the streets of LA with the headphones on, tuning out the world with the noise-canceling turned all the way up.

In addition to Beats By Dre, Saweetie’s growing portfolio of brand collaborations includes work with Crocs, with whom she’s partnered on a campaign promoting new Hidden Valley Ranch-themed jibbitz, and McDonald’s, where Saweetie put her viral snack tendencies to work coming up with oddball food combinations and Icy-branded merch. Saweetie also hosts the Netflix comedy special Sex: Unzipped alongside a plethora of horny, sex positive puppets.

Hopefully, Saweetie’s extracurricular activities won’t cause any further delays to her debut album, though. She says it’s finished and teased that something will “unfold during the holidays,” so perhaps we’ll be hearing more new music from Saweetie very soon — no commercial needed.

Watch Saweetie’s Beats By Dre ad above.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.