Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival Finalizes Their Eclectic Lineup, Including Some Amazing Side Events

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If you’ve been looking for a truly unique way to experience the summer solstice in June, here’s an idea: In the summer, Iceland experiences what is called the “midnight sun,” which is what it sounds like. The sun during this summer’s solstice there will be visible for nearly 96 hours straight. What better way to enjoy constant daytime in one of the planet’s most picturesque places than checking out one of the most fascinating music festivals in the world?

The Secret Solstice festival in Reykjavík offers just that opportunity from June 21 to 24, and now that it’s getting closer to the fest, the lineup and events have been finalized. Electronic acts All Day I Dream with Lee Burridge and YokoO, Dubfire, and Bjarki have been added to a lineup that also features a diverse set of acts including Slayer, Stormzy, Gucci Mane, Bonnie Tyler, Steve Aoki, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and more.

In addition, the fest is also introducing a geothermal pool party in the Hreppslaug swimming pool, which should be a fine complement to other fantastical offerings like an ice cave performance from Dubfire and a 5,200-year-old lava tunnel. This is the same festival that once featured Deftones performing in a volcano, so it’s bound to be pretty excellent.

Check out the Secret Solstice lineup poster below, and get tickets (even a million-dollar VIP package) from the fest’s website.

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