A Security Guard At Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival Was Not Pricked With A Needle As Previously Reported

The investigation into the tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival is still ongoing, but authorities took a moment to point out one incorrect piece of information that’s been floating around. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner spoke to reporters on Wednesday and walked back a previous report that said a security guard at the event was pricked with a needle and required Narcan after he went unconscious. “We did locate that security guard. His story is not consistent with those previous claims,” Finner said. “He says he was struck in his head, he went unconscious, and he woke up in the security tent. He says that no one injected drugs into him.”

The update comes after Variety and Complex both reported that Travis canceled a $5.5 million “one-off” performance in Saudi Arabia as a result of the Astroworld tragedy. He also canceled his upcoming headlining performance at the Day N Vegas festival which is set to occur on the weekend of November 12-14. According to Variety, a source said he was “too distraught to play.” Post Malone was later announced as a replacement for him.

The morning after the Astroworld Festival tragedy, Travis shared a written statement about the matter. “I’m absolutely devastated by what took place last night,” he wrote in part. “My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival.”