Are Sexyy Red And Chief Keef Dating?

Ever since Sexyy Red blew up with “Pound Town,” fans can’t help but speculate about the St. Louis rapper’s dating life. So far, she’s been linked to Drake, who some fans even connected to her second pregnancy, and more recently, her “Bow Bow Bow” collaborator, Chief Keef. She hasn’t done much to dispel either rumor; in fact, over the weekend, she threw fuel on the flames of the latter with a pair of provocative posts on Instagram.

In the first, she and the Chicago rapper appear to be flirtatiously embracing as she sticks her tongue out.

As fans in the comments questioned the nature of the duo’s relationship, Sexyy posted a video in which she and Keef hug up on each other as she insists, “That’s my brother.”

So does this mean that the two rappers are dating? Not necessarily, but for now, the jury is out. While she seems to enjoy teasing fans over her love life, she doesn’t have any interest in shutting down rumors the way she did a conspiracy theory about getting paid to hang out with Drake.

In any event, Sexyy appears to be enjoying her newfound fame. On Saturday, she hosted WWE’s NXT Battleground event in Las Vegas, and looked like she had the time of her life, interacting with the wrestlers, presenting the championship belt, and twerking her way throughout the facility.