Shakira’s ‘La La La (Brazil 2014)’ Is Way Better Than Pitbull’s World Cup Anthem

Last month, Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez released a single entitled, “We Are One (Ole Ola),” which was produced and recorded to be the official song of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Naturally, the people of Brazil were a little miffed that the song was made by a Cuban rapper and Puerto Rican singer, and originally featured only 14 seconds of singing from a Brazilian pop star, before the drum group Olodum was added in to make it sound more Brazilian. But if that appeased the complainers for even a moment, that was all shot to hell when the music video was released and featured everyone partying in Miami.

Among the complaints from random people on the Internet was the idea that Shakira’s 2010 World Cup anthem “Waka Waka” was way better, and anyone with ears would probably agree that those people are right. Fortunately, Shakira just so happened to release a new music video for the single “La La La (Brazil 2014)” yesterday, and thanks to the fact that it also supports Activia’s World Food Programme and its School Meals initiative, it’s safe to say that this is now the real World Cup anthem. Pitbull who? J-Lo what? Thanks, Shakira.