Shaq Responds To Damian Lillard’s Diss Track With Another Takedown Song, ‘Second Round Knockout’

Shaq and Damian Lillard are competing for the title of best athletic rapper. Shaq has long held the title but Lillard, who opts for the stage name Dame D.O.L.L.A., is aiming to claim the crown. While the two have different styles of flow, they are currently embroiled in a diss track war. The battle continued Monday when Shaq dropped his second diss track aimed at Lillard, “Second Round Knockout.”

Shaq wastes no time on the new diss track before dismantling Lillard while hyping himself up. “The sun gonna shine forever on my statues and retired jerseys / Imma live forever/ Better now or never / Kill Damian that’s my pleasure / I see you lose every day / Nobody do it better / Yeah right weak-ass bars you ain’t tight / If you spit something make sure you spit it right.”

Following his previous Shaq diss track, “Reign Reign Go Away,” Lillard continued Saturday by dropping a new one, “I Rest My Case.” “I know you only competing for some attention / You was hot then, but today you honorable mention,” he rapped.

While Damian Lillard is trying to beat out Shaq’s rap game, in an interview with Uproxx, he said he looks up to Shaq. “Obviously Shaq is the pioneer, the one that did it and went big and had a lot of shine on him about the fact that he was doing music,” he said. “I’m trying to come behind that and do the same thing with the gold and platinum records and all that stuff.”

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