After Going Undrafted, Sheck Wes Drops A Song About The NBA Draft And Vows To Try Again Next Year

This morning, Myles Powell, the former Seton Hall Pirates guard who was named the Big East Player Of The Year, was trending on Twitter, as many were shocked that he wasn’t selected in yesterday’s NBA Draft. He wasn’t the only big name who went undrafted last night, though. Yesterday, Sheck Wes, the rapper who last played competitive basketball in high school, revealed that he had declared for the draft. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no NBA team saw a Sheck-sized hole in their roster, so the rapper was not picked.

Posting a photo of himself playing ball ahead of the draft, he wrote, “Damn… it’s really real , The 2020 NBA DRAFT , all my life I always wanted to follow my passion for music and basketball . Playing basketball and going to play pro in the @nba is something that I always strived for . Tonight that dream comes true!” It turns out Sheck’s draft aspirations were a promotional stunt: Following the draft, he released a new single and video, “Been Ballin (Draft 2020).” The video is very much Uncle Drew-inspired, as Wes put on aging make-up and surprised younger players at a park court.

Sharing the video, he wrote on Twitter that he intends to try his luck at the draft again next year: “STRANGEST DRAFT EVER , I AINT TRIPPING I WILL COME BACK NEXT YEAR 29 TEAMS WILL REGRET THIS NIGHT. BACK TO THE GYM. BEEN BALLIN !!!!” He also wrote in another tweet, “Next Draft.”

Watch the “Been Ballin (Draft 2020)” video above.