Sia Finally Showed Her Face For A Meta ‘Sesame Street’ Performance

This past Saturday, pitch-perfect powerhouse vocalist, Sia, performed on an episode of Sesame Street, and for the first time in years, she performed sans a mask, face-covering wig, or face paint.

On this episode of Sesame Street, Sia sang to its young viewers that “S is for songs,” all different kinds of songs, from “high songs” to “low songs.” With the characters of the classic children’s show, Sia used her talent to teach about songs, what makes them special, and their many different forms.

What is most notable about this appearance from Sia on Sesame Street is her own appearance. The singer, still sporting her signature half-blond, half-black wig, showed her face, something the camera-shy artist hasn’t done in years. Well, her face was mostly visible, aside from a big red clown nose.

Sia was just seen last week in the LA airport without anything covering her face. Is she becoming less fearful of fame? Does this mean that she will appear mask-free in any upcoming performances? Or maybe she was just attempting to be more approachable in the case of performing to children. Either way, this is a notable moment for Sia, and one where the seemingly image-obsessed artist lets viewers and fans in to a more quirky side of her personality.