Sir Mix-A-Lot Wrote ‘Baby Got Back’ About Fly Girls-Era Jennifer Lopez

What a time to be alive (or work as a plumber): we’re living in the Golden Era of Booty News. Naya Rivera hates Kim Kardashian’s, though not as much as Diplo wants Taylor Swift’s to be bigger. Also, Chelsea Handler did something. The latest addition to this collection of cheeks comes from Sir Mix-a-Lot, naturally, who claims he wrote “Baby Got Back” about Jennifer Lopez while she was a member of the Fly Girls on In Living Color.

Mix tells us he’s been admiring Kim Kardashian…but still gives more weight to J.Lo’s experienced bubble. In fact, he says her ass inspired him to write “Baby Got Back” after seeing it in all its Fly Girl glory on In Living Color. (Via)

Still no word on whether Wreckx-n-Effect wrote “Rump Shaker” about SNL‘s Kevin Nealon.