Watch This Video Of Skrillex Getting Knocked Out On Stage In Mexico. Then Watch It Again.

There really aren’t many positive words shared whenever the word “Skrillex” is uttered. The guy gets credited and blamed with popularizing a genre of music that’s either loved or hated. Maybe it’s just the music itself or it’s the whole Skrillex gimmick. Whatever the case, the guy is pretty polarizing.

So when a video like this hits the net, showing Skrilly getting absolutely rocked on stage, it becomes a wet dream for the Internet. While running across the stage, Skrillex hit a piece of the set and got knocked out cold. I watched once. And watched again. And again.

To be honest, though, you don’t have to hate Skrillex to enjoy this video. I’d laugh if this happened to half of my own family so the fact it’s Skrillex is only icing.

At least he didn’t get shot. Too soon?