Skylar Grey And Eminem Are Locked And Loaded On ‘Kill For You’

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Between his daughter, wife and mother, Eminem has always been one to share details about the women in his life, whether they’re beautiful or brutal. That’s why no one should be surprised to hear Slim Shady spitting his soul about a woman he’d die for, alongside Skylar Grey on “Kill For You.”

Over the past five years or so, the reclusive Detroit rapper has been working hand in hand with the Interscope singer and songwriter. Most know Grey wrote Em’s smash hit “Love The Way You Lie” with Rihanna, while Skyler’s own singles with Em (“Come On Let Me Ride” and “Twisted“) didn’t fare nearly as well. The pair’s new collaboration falls somewhere in between all their work together, with both artists speaking from the heart and not trying to recreate past success in any way.

The dark, empowering record starts off with someone loading an arsenal, leading both artists towards lyrics about being willing to kill for their significant other. Listeners are clearly led to believe the two are speaking about one another, which could very well be true, considering how detailed each of their verses are. Either way, the emotion feels real, even when Slim is adding unnecessary emphasis on his words.

Since this one is guaranteed to get a label push, regardless of initial reaction, we’ll see if fans pick up the record or not. They should.