Slim Jxmmi Got Into A Street Fight In New Zealand That Ended With Someone Getting Stabbed

Getty Image

Rae Sremmurd are currently touring Australia and Asia promoting their Sr3mm triple album, but while hanging out in the South Pacific, it seems they ran into a spot of bother with the locals. TMZ reports that the duo and their crew got involved in a street fight in New Zealand, during which Slim Jxmmi got bloodied up after someone apparently used a broken bottle as a weapon.

According to TMZ, the group was walking in downtown Auckland when they got into a scuffle over someone recording an unwanted video of the group. In the video obtained by TMZ, the disagreement has already escalated into an all-out melee and Jxmmi can be seen wrestling on the ground with two people — one of whom appears to be a woman. Witnesses reported the sound of a bottle breaking and as one person was taken to the Auckland City Hospital with stab wounds, it can be assumed that the bottle was used to cause them.

Swae Lee is nowhere to be seen in the video and apparently Jxmmi seemed healthy enough to talk to police, despite apparently having blood on his body, so it appears the stars emerged mostly unscathed. Police have yet to make an arrest.