Slowthai Says He’s Already 75 Percent Finished With His Third Album

UK rapper Slowthai debuted his anticipated sophomore album Tyron this week, which boasted features from the likes of ASAP Rocky, Skepta, James Blake, and more. Shortly after the album’s release, he excited fans by unveiling late August tour dates this year. But he’s also wasting no time when it comes to new music. Slowthai has already begun devoting time to his third album, and it’s nearly 75 percent complete.

Slowthai sat down for an interview with’s New Arrivals show with Bryce Segall on Thursday to talk about Tyron and some of the creative decisions that went into the album-making process. During their conversation, the rapper also hinted that he’s already making headway on the record’s follow-up:

“I got about 50 percent, I would say 75 percent [finished]. I’m so early in making it and I’ve got so much time now especially, that I wouldn’t like to put a number on it, but its already underway. […] I’ve become obsessed with a lot of songwriting and structures and how things are switching and chord changes and stuff and melody is something that’s important to me, so I want to explore that avenue a lot more, but then I want it to be left. I don’t want it to be like anything you’ve ever heard before, but I still want it to have them cliche schemes or themes, because its gotta come back to a point, you’ve always gotta have a point.”

Slowthai also revealed that Tyron was actually meant to be his third album. He eventually decided to release Tyron as his sophomore effort because it dealt with themes of mental health, something he thought people could relate to in this moment. “[Tyron] was meant to be my third album, I was gonna completely switch it and do something left, like completely left of all this stuff and then bring it back around,” he said. “But then being what I was dealing with, I felt it’s more pressing to deal with this now… and I wanted people to know they’re not alone in feeling these things, especially being confined to your own space and having to deal with yourself on the daily.”

Listen to Slowthai’s full conversation on New Arrivals below.

Tyron is out now via Method/Interscope. Get it here.