Smash Mouth’s Lead Singer Steve Harwell Was Hospitalized After Experiencing Shortness Of Breath

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The lead singer of Smash Mouth gave his fans in Memphis a big scare on Thursday night when he was forced to cancel his group’s planned performance at the New Daisy Theater and was taken to the hospital to get checked out. Apparently, Steve Harwell was experiencing some type of shortness of breath during the pre-show soundcheck and took off in an Uber to receive medical attention shortly thereafter.

Speculation has run rampant over social media as to what caused his hospitalization. Harwell, who recently turned 50, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy a couple of years ago and many pointed to that ailment as being a contributing cause.

According to the band’s manager who spoke to HollywoodLife, “Steve did visit the hospital in Memphis last night but it was not an emergency situation. It is correct that two years ago he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and has been taking medication for the disease ever since. That said, whenever he is not feeling great we take precautionary measures just to make sure everything is okay, especially while he is on the road touring. He is just fine and will be resuming the tour tonight.”

Despite that last bit, the band has announced the cancellation of a few upcoming performances through their social media accounts.

Here’s hoping Steve gets back on his feet and singing “All Star” again soon.