Smino Ices Out Everything He Owns In The Diamond-Studded ‘Klink’ Video

St. Louis rapper Smino isn’t known for being the flashiest rapper out when it comes to jewelry, but in his new video for “Klink” from his 2018 album, Noir, he ices out nearly everything he owns before giving it all away via late night infomercial.

Over a slinky beat provided by Monte Booker, Smino sings the praises of diamonds — at times, literally — as he bounces through the Nicholas Woytuk-directed video. In the into, Smino portrays a shady diamond salesman on the phone with a dissatisfied customer, with both using phones covered in diamonds — which, considering the probable budget involved were probably more likely rhinestones. Given there was once a trend of teens covering their phones in glittering fake jewels, it’s also kind of a fun throwback to the era that likely influenced Smino more than any other (there was a whole section of his Hoopti tour set that involved playing hits from the mid-2000s and rapping fresh songs over the recognizable beats).

Among the blinged-out items Smino advertises over the course the video, not only are there the usual bracelets, chains, grills, medallions, and watches but he also includes iced-out sneakers, champagne bottles, jackets, and even, weirdly, a baby stroller. It’s probably now only a matter of time before another rapper really goes and ices out their child’s transportation.