Smokepurpp Explains Why His ‘No Problem’ Collaboration With Kanye West Won’t Ever Be Officially Released

Smokepurpp‘s latest release Deadstar 2 saw many collaborations from the likes of Denzel Curry, Trippie Redd, Lil Pump, and more. But one name missing was Kanye West. Ye and Smokepurpp teamed up for the hard-hitting track “No Problem,” but it didn’t make it to the record. In a recent interview, Smokepurpp revealed that the title won’t ever see an official release, saying “No Problem” contradicts Ye’s recent pious pivot to Christianity.

Smokepurpp explained his reason for excluding “No Problem” in a recent interview with HipHopDX. Apparently, the explicit track went against Kanye’s Christian values, especially since the rapper has since stopped cussing. But Purpp thinks it’s possible that Ye could backtrack in the future.

“He kind of just changed his ways or whatever,” Smokepurpp said. “Mike Dean mixed the whole album—he executive produced the whole album. So he pretty much just told me [Kanye’s] not really cursing and sh*t, he’s not really performing his old songs anymore, he does ‘Jesus Walks.’ If he does do his old songs, he changes the lyrics. Mike Dean told me at first. He was like, ‘Yo, it was going to be harder to get it cleared because he doesn’t curse no more.’ I was just, like, f*ck it, just put it away. He’ll change again.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Purpp discussed the shocking news of Juice WRLD’s death and his own experience with addiction. The rapper said he checked himself into rehab after the passing of his friend and collaborator, Lil Peep. “If I talked about drugs, then I can talk about going to rehab,” he said. “I don’t want my fans going through what I’m going through. If people think it’s cool because I did that, then ya’ll got to think it’s cool to go to rehab because I did it.”