Snail Mail Release The Punchy New Song ‘Pristine’ To Announce Their Debut Album

03.21.18 1 year ago

Snail Mail’s newest song, “Pristine,” is a feisty, finger-to-chest showdown. At 18-years-old, Lindsey Jordan is equipped with a sparkle in her eye that is at once sassy and sincere. Lush, Jordan’s debut album as Snail Mail, is set for release on June 8 on Matador Records, and is a smoldering document of the messiness and defiance of youth.

“Pristine” confronts two almost universally shared experiences among us: suburban teenage blues and unrequited love. Atop broody guitar strums, Jordan’s clear and punching vocals flit between stoic cynicism and unhinged vulnerability. At moments she’s stoic in her resignation: “If it’s not supposed to be / Then I’ll just let it be.” And at others, her tender, aching heart leaks out: “Don’t you like me for me? / Is there any better feeling than coming clean? / And I know myself and I’ll never love anyone else.”

Growing pains are romantic to think about in retrospect once they’ve developed a hazy grain that disguises itself as sweet nostalgia. But while they’re happening, they’re just that: painful, dizzying, and absolutely agonizing. Jordan’s crystallizes it flawlessly, both the weariness and electricity alike.

You can listen to “Pristine” above. Lush comes out in June. In the meantime, check out Snail Mail’s tour dates here:

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