Three Giant Snoop Dogg Bobbleheads Were Stolen From Philadelphia Grocery Stores

Smoking with Snoop Dogg seems like one of those life experiences you wind up telling people about for the rest of your life. Case in point: Nearly every celebrity, from Seth Rogen to Nick Jonas — and even non-celebrities like Florence Pugh’s mom — who has ever had a session with Snoop has a story to tell and really enjoys telling it. However, for the rest of us, the prospect of receiving a pass to the left from the Doggfather might seem woefully out-of-reach. One might even go to extreme lengths to smoke with the Dogg, like someone in Philadelphia apparently did according to the local news.

The perpetrators in question reportedly stole three Snoop Dogg bobbleheads from three grocery stores in the Philadelphia area, rushing in and making off with the statues. But, they’re not just any bobbleheads; each one is three feet tall and was sent to the stores by Corona as part of his “La Vida Mas Fina” campaign. One of the thieves went so far as to put the Snoop statue into a grocery cart and roll it right out the front door. Police won’t say that the thefts are related, but my unprofessional advice is to check out the local head shops. Something tells me the thieves probably spend a lot of time there.

According to CBS Philly, the statues might sell for over $1,000 on eBay, which could explain the extreme measures the thieves went to in order to secure them, but there’s always the possibility they just wanted a cool conversation piece for their bud holes (you just know Jason Mendoza would steal a Snoop Dogg bobblehead). Unfortunately, we don’t know what Snoop thinks about all this yet, but whenever he wakes up, it’s a safe bet he’ll post about it on his Instagram.

Watch the CBS Philly report on the thefts above.