Snoop Dogg Advises Dr. Dre To Turn His ‘Pain’ And ‘Anger’ Into ‘Magic’ In A Touching Video

Dr. Dre has endured his fair share of up and down moments over the past year. They include recovery from a brain aneurysm and pushing through his divorce from Nicole Young who he married in 1996. Through it all, the famed producer has received plenty of encouraging words from his supporters, one of those being Snoop Dogg. In a video Dre recently posted on his Instagram page, he shared a touching video that Snoop sent him to hopefully boost his spirits.

Dre captioned it, “Thank you to everyone for sending me so much positive energy. I’d like to share this inspirational message from my brother @snoopdogg.”

“Ever since I was f*ckin’ with you before I was f*ckin’ with you, you could always take pain, anger, frustration, anything that was negative and you could get something positive out of it,” Snoop says in the video. “That’s why you the doctor. They say Snoop Dogg is an icon, he’s a God, he’s a king, but there’s one n**** to honor, and that’s you.”

He continues, “So you get your sh*t right and focus on being great. Take all that negative energy, all that shit that you dealing with: the death, the f*cking lawsuits, all that sh*t, put it all in your mind and your spirit and make something magical, n****.”

Simply put, Snoop wants Dre to “take that hurt, that anger, and that pain and make magic,” as he says in the video.

Snoop’s message comes after Dr. Dre was reportedly served with divorce papers at his grandmother’s funeral.

You can view Snoop’s video to Dr. Dre above.