Snoop Dogg Doesn’t Think Eminem Is A Top-10 Rapper Of All Time And Fans Are Reacting

When hip-hop fans make lists of the best rappers ever, Eminem usually finds his way near the top. However, Snoop Dogg doesn’t think the Detroit rapper is one of the ten best to ever do it.

During a recent Breakfast Club interview, Snoop explained his position, saying:

“Eminem! The Great White Hope! White rappers had zero respect in rap. Let’s keep that one thou wow. [Dr. Dre] has probably put Eminem in the position where he could be labeled as one of the top ten rappers ever. I don’t think so, but the game thinks that he’s top ten lyricists and all that that comes with it. That’s just because he’s with Dr. Dre and Dr. Dre helped him find the best Eminem that he could find.”

He was then asked why Em didn’t make the cut, and he responded, “There’s just some n****s in the ’80s that he can’t f*ck with. Like Rakim, like Big Daddy Kane, like KRS-One, like LL Cool J… shall I go on? Like Ice Cube.”

As that conversation indicated, Eminem is widely esteemed and considered one of the best rappers ever. Naturally, then, there were plenty of hip-hop fans on Twitter who had thoughts about Snoop keeping Eminem out of his top list.

Some people didn’t agree with Snoop:

Some fans think, however, that even Eminem himself would side with Snoop:

One fan argues that Snoop received the same career perks from which Snoop claimed Eminem benefited:

Another person suspects Snoop may have left Eminem off his list after he didn’t make Eminem’s recent list:

Then there are those who think this whole thing is a bit silly:

Whatever the case may be, both rappers are staying busy: Snoop is fresh off a Verzuz battle and Eminem just released a collaborative single with Kid Cudi.