It Turns Out Snoop Dogg Was Really Serious About That Gospel Album After All

Is there anything Snoop Dogg can’t do? The one-time “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted,” parent-scaring gangsta rapper from the East Side of Long Beach has changed careers almost as often as Sean Combs changes nicknames. He’s gone from gangsta rapper to youth football coach, from Rasta reggae singer to Twitch streamer, and now the game show host has become a gospel singer.

When news first broke that Snoop was working on a gospel album, there was a sense of general confusion and ambivalence surrounding the announcement. Sure, Snoop’s made some pretty wild career departures before, but this one seemed a little iffy. Who would even take it seriously enough to collaborate with him? Well, judging from the video for “Words Are Few” and the handful of tracks that landed on Youtube early this morning, it seems his prior sins have been forgiven readily enough.

The Clark Sisters, Bereal Family, Tye Tribbett and Rance Allen are just a few of the contemporary gospel stars that have signed on to appear on Bible Of Love, Snoop’s foray into the faith-based record business. From the available tracks, it’s a relatively straightforward and earnest attempt at a contemporary gospel album — Snoop doesn’t even appear on the Faith Evans-featuring “Saved” — and might make Snoop Dogg a regular part of your local house of worship’s weekly playlist. Against all odds, Snoop has proved that yes, he can really do absolutely anything he wants — and make it sound good. Check out some of the album’s tracks below.