Snoop Dogg Wants A Big Payday To Become A Full-Time Boxing Commentator

Snoop already has seemingly dozens of jobs on top of being a rapper and everyone’s favorite uncle, but it looks like he may be adding another — that is if the money is right. Fans went wild over his commentary during the recent Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition bout, prompting calls for him to add boxing analysis to his list of full-time gigs. Of course, Snoop’s a lot better tapped-in than most of our real uncles, so when he caught wind of these requests, he was quick to supply his conditions to do so.

Posting to Instagram where he’s usually most active, Snoop reposted a tweet with the profile and display name cropped out which read, “Here’s who won tonight: Snoop Dog, hands down. Someone sign @SnoopDogg to a multi-year contract.” The original poster also complimented Snoop’s (other) mic skills, saying, “He’s a natural commentator. He’s Barkley on steroids. He’s hilarious!” The tweet goes on to suggest “3 years for $15 million” as his fee — which Snoop clearly agrees with, considering he reposted the tweet on his Instagram.

While it remains to be seen whether any network will ultimately pony up the funds to lock down Snoop’s unique perspective and fan-pleasing quips, it seems unlikely he’ll end up on any broadcast or cable television shows since his blow-by-blow was peppered with profanity and his presence might irritate the sorts of fans who carry on about flags during football games. ‘Til then, fans can hear more of Snoops hilarious remarks in NHL 20.