Snoop Dogg’s Only Regret About Working With Pharrell Is Not Getting A Song With Jay-Z

Of all of the hits in Snoop Dogg‘s massive catalog, the biggest is his 2004 Rhythm & Gangsta single “Drop It Like It’s Hot” featuring Pharrell. It became Snoop’s first Hot 100 No. 1, a position it held for three weeks in 2004, and it was nominated at the 2005 Grammy Awards for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group, ending the decade named the most popular rap song of the decade by Billboard.

In fact, many of Snoop’s collaborations with Pharrell have been wildly successful. “Beautiful” also hit the top 10, while “Signs,” with Justin Timberlake, was also a huge hit in its own right, landing at No. 1 or in the top 10 on numerous global charts. However, Snoop does have one major regret about his time working with Pharrell as a producer, which he revealed in a recent interview with GQ.

“What I didn’t get from him that I always wanted was a song with me and Jay-Z together on a Pharrell beat,” Snoop admitted. “Because I felt like [Jay and I] heard his beats the best, you know what I’m saying? We did his beats the most justice.” This opinion stemmed from a bit of friendly competition between the two rap vets. “Because that’s our producer; he’s our guy,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Man, that sh*t you gave Jay-Z was hot. Now you think I can get one better than that?’ You think Jay’s saying, ‘How the f*ck do you get this n**** ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot?’ I’ve been hanging out with you, and you’re going to give him that?'”

Elsewhere in the interview, Snoop talks about letting DMX record his final album at Snoop’s own compound for free, which became a key point in his negotiations to become the Def Jam’s creative consultant.. “[Def Jam] owed me [for DMX’s studio time], and I wasn’t sending no invoices because I did that for X and then X passed away. Charge to the game. He gave me that.”

You can read the full interview here.