Snoop Dogg Calls Trump ‘A Racist’ And Lists Off The Groups Of People He Has ‘Disrespected’

Though he’s admitted that he’s never voted because he didn’t think he could, Snoop Dogg isn’t afraid to speak out against the president. Last year in January, Snoop laid out his views about the partial government shutdown, calling Trump a “punk motherf*cker.” Now, Snoop is back at it again, this time detailing the long list of people the president has mocked, disrespected, or recently called “losers.”

In a video posted to Instagram, Snoop slammed Trump as “a racist” and called upon the next president to “show up and deliver.” The rapper said the president has been disrespectful towards transgender people, women, Black people, and now, veterans. “Who else is missing from the presidents list,” Snoop asked in the caption to which a fan replied: “U forgot Muslims & Arabs.”

“So me and my homeboys, we up here talking about all the people that Trump disrespected: women, gays, trangenders, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and now, veterans. Hm, seems like he disrespecting every color in the world and everything that ain’t what he is, which, is a racist. So, with that being said, people that voted for him got exactly what they wanted. He gave them what he said he was going to give them. So the next motherf*ckin’ president, tell us what we gon’ get for your vote and you better show up and deliver. Period. We just want some peace, love, equality, and tranquility for everybody. All lives.”

Watch Snoop’s full message above.