Snoop Dogg Remembers How Tupac Convinced Him To Propose To His Wife Of Over 20 Years

Not only were Snoop Dogg and Tupac label mates on Death Row Records, but they were also close friends. Over the years, Snoop has reminisced many times on their relationship, like when they had an on-stage rap battle the first time they met. But their friendship was much more than rap battles. In fact, Tupac was the one who originally convinced Snoop to propose to his now-wife.

In a previous interview with The Breakfast Club, Snoop praised Tupac’s character. He went on to detail how Tupac’s comments led him to ask for his wife’s hand in marriage:

“He was a great person. Not just a rapper, don’t look at the thug in him. The humanitarian work, the songs he wrote for women, the empowerment he gave to Black women, the songs he wrote for mothers. Just the things he did that was out of the box. We only want to highlight the ‘Hit Em Up’ and all the beef he had, but it was things he did that were so real. For example, I was getting into it with my girlfriend at the time. I just kept getting into it. All of the n****s on Death Row Records was like, ‘F*ck that b*tch, n****, you Snoop Dogg. You can have any b*tch you want.’ Then n**** Tupac came to me and said, ‘Man, f*ck they talkin’ ’bout. That girl love you. You need to marry her.’ I listened to what he said and I married my wife and like 20-something years later, we still married. So, it’s like, this is the sh*t that this n**** did that nobody seen. You only seen the ignorant side but he was a real loving, caring, compassionate man. If he loved you, he loved you whole.”

Listen to Snoop tell the story below.