Someone Paid Nearly Half A Million Dollars To Be Snoop Dogg’s Virtual Neighbor

Most of us have neighbors in real life, but some of us have virtual neighbors, too. Such is the case for Snoop Dogg, who just got a new neighbor who paid nearly half a million dollars for the privilege of owning some virtual space adjacent to Snoop’s virtual space.

Snoop owns property in The Sandbox, which is described as “a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the main utility token of the platform.” On December 2, to celebrate Snoop’s Sandbox presence, a sale of virtual spaces near Snoop’s was launched. During that sale, a plot next to Snoop’s was purchased for 70,903.8222 SAND, which at the time of purchase was worth about $458,038. As of this post, the current value of the SAND used to make the purchase is approximately $382,906.

Snoop shared a tweet about the purchase and wrote, “Won’t u be my neighbor.”

Snoop is currently in the midst of launching a significant partnership with The Sandbox, as outlined on the platform’s website. The rapper is building a re-creation of his real-life Diamond Bar, California mansion, as well as a venue that will host concerts and other live events.

Learn more about Snoop’s involvement with The Sandbox here.