Florida Rapper Snot Is Out For ‘Revenge’ In His New, Cole Bennett-Directed Video

When Billie Eilish gives you a co-sign, it’s only a matter of time until you go from “underground favorite” to “household name.” That’s the position Florida rapper Snot finds himself in as he releases his latest single, “Revenge,” with some help from alt-rap impresario Cole Bennett. Snot’s on the verge of superstardom and with the co-signs of two of Gen-Z’s favorite tastemakers, it appears his breakthrough is coming sooner rather than later.

As usual, Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade adds an eye-grabbing touch to the clip for “Revenge,” combining Snot’s usual aesthetic — a black hoodie drawn tightly around his face — with the visual flair to make him stand out from the crowd (literally, in this case). The video also does a great job of explaining Snot’s appeal to his fans for outsiders and grown-ups, framing him as a misfit loner amid a sea of samey — and hostile — classmates in bright yellow hoodies.

It’s the classic teenage conundrum and at just 22 years old himself, one he’s not that far removed from. It’s why he’s become a favorite of the demographic that champions the outcasts and the malcontents. He speaks to that feeling of anxiety and angst that, let’s face it, pretty much every teenager feels (although it might just be amplified in Zoomers, considering *gestures at everything*). However, if he follows in the footsteps of other Cole Bennett co-signs like Lil Tecca, Cordae, Polo G, and Juice WRLD, he won’t be an outsider for much longer.

Watch Snot’s “Revenge” video above.