Sophie’s New ‘Faceshopping’ Video Goes More Than Skin Deep

Back in February Sophie released “Faceshopping,” her third in a stream of new singles, likely set to appear on an as yet untitled album. Today, Sophie has shared the video treatment for the song, which you can watch above.

Co-directed by Sophie and Aaron Chan, the video is one part lyric video, one part dissection of Sophie’s now well-known face. It gets blown up, sliced, dances like an inflatable tube man, and, eventually, warped beyond all recognition.

In an interview with Jezebel published today, Sophie explained the song’s meaning a bit further than the few sentences she provided when it originally dropped, telling writer Hazel Cills that it’s a direct reference to how she was criticized early in her career for not showing her face. “You’re not showing your face, therefore you’re trying to hide something.”

Back in December Sophie released the video for “Ponyboy,” a collaboration with the performance duo Fluct from Red Bull Music Academy’s LA Festival Open Beta Series. In October she made her on-screen debut with the video for “It’s Ok To Cry.

Sophie took to her Instagram yesterday to update fans on the state of her upcoming album, though offered no solid release date.
“My album (not called Whole New World) is finished so hopefully they can get it out soon with minimal faff,” she wrote.