Sorority Noise Released A New Statement Responding To Past Sexual Assault Allegations

Andy Deluca

Back in April of last year, Connecticut rockers Sorority Noise canceled a planned farewell tour amid accusations of sexual assault on frontperson Cameron Boucher. The accusations first appeared on Facebook and then in more detail on Reddit (all of which are now deleted), posed by Nicole Schoenholz, a former member of The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, about an alleged encounter Boucher had with an unnamed college friend. At the time, little was said in response aside from Boucher’s complete denial, with him entering therapy and the band canceling the tour. But in recent days, the band has used their social channels to provide an update.

In a statement that Boucher says was approved by his alleged victim, Boucher has stated that he’s had “positive” interactions with her and that she was “pressured” to make the comments months ago. He continued:

“Although we are each valid in our own experiences, we agree that anything that did occur between us was not purposeful or malicious. This person has made peace with a situation they would not have shared publicly under other circumstances.”

Though the statement doesn’t get into much specifics, it’s clear that Boucher believes his conversations with the alleged victim should bring some ease and clarity to both family and friends. He included as well that he’s been in intensive therapy in the interim, “over that time I’ve been working towards growth, being mindful, and moving forward.”

Check out the full statement below. At this time, Sorority Noise remains on hiatus.