Soulja Boy Continues To Troll Kanye West: ‘I Was The First Rapper Wit Kim Kardashian’

Soulja Boy — who is apparently still ticked off at Kanye West about being left off of Donda‘s final tracklist, despite Kanye’s protests that Def Jam released the unfinished album without his permission — has escalated his trolling campaign against the producer, now resorting to throwing jabs over Kanye’s impending divorce from his wife Kim Kardashian. While Soulja Boy tagged Kardashian in a tweet during yesterday’s tirade against Kanye, today, he’s outright suggesting that, like Ray J, he hit it first. He posted a throwback photo on Twitter posing with Kim from what looks like sometime in the late 2000s, captioning the photo: “I was the first rapper wit @KimKardashian not u.”

Aside from being, well, gross, the post is just the latest from Soulja Boy expressing his anger at being omitted from the Donda release that hit DSPs over the weekend, whether it was by Kanye’s design or not. He previously posted an in-studio video from his and Kanye’s recording session playing back his verse and has been retweeting fans’ posts decrying Kanye for leaving him off the album. In an interview with TMZ, he said that his frustration stems from not being told personally that he wouldn’t be on the album and only finding out when it dropped.

Still, that’s no excuse for the sophomoric stuff he’s doing right now. Women aren’t props for men’s petty grievances, and nobody cares if you hit it or not, dude — except for, probably, Kanye, who is almost certain to never work with Soulja Boy again after this, if his current feud with Drake is a measure of his own vindictiveness.

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