Soulja Boy Reveals The Verse Kanye Cut From ‘Donda’ And Wants Kim Kardashian To Call Him

Soulja Boy is still pretty miffed about being left off of Donda, judging from the stream of enraged tweets he’s been posting for the last hour.

On Sunday, Soulja originally expressed his discontent in a series of tweets telling Kanye to essentially lose his number after discovering that the verse he recorded for the song “Remote Control” went unused. This morning, after a tweet that seemed like he was letting it all go, Soulja instead launched into another tirade calling Kanye “weird,” encouraging the producer to stop hitting his phone, instructing Kanye’s estranged wife Kim to call him, and recalling a similar situation while recording “Robocop” for 808s & Heartbreak.

“Learn to be done,” read the first tweet. “Not mad, not bothered, just done. Protect your energy at all costs.” However, it seemed he had trouble following his own advice, posting a video of him recording the unused “Remote Control” verse and apparently getting mad all over again.

Soulja blamed Kanye’s falling out with both Kim and Jay-Z on Kanye’s bipolar diagnosis, ridiculed Kanye’s failed presidential campaign, wondered why Kanye would even invite him to record if he didn’t plan on using the recording, which Soulja considered a waste of his time, and even threatened to fight the mercurial producer, all while calling him “lame” and insisting “He needs help seriously.” You can see the full thread below.