Here Is What Happens When You Listen To Spin Doctors’ ‘Two Princes’ 100-Straight Times

07.28.15 4 years ago 23 Comments

I would make an atrocious scientist. I dislike magnets, and I don’t understand beakers. Measuring a liquid? Sure, science. Whatever you say. My dearth of scientific savvy may limit what I can offer the world in more erudite pursuits, but those of us who don’t know our E from MC2 can still take it upon ourselves to embark on a few pop culture experiments.

I have decided to listen to Spin Doctors’ single “Two Princes” 100-straight times, and document the results. That’s more than seven straight hours of dizzying Spin Doctors mayhem. Will I go insane? Will I have an epiphany? Will I inadvertently become the Louis Pasteur of ’90s pop?

If you’d like to follow along with my musical odyssey – and I emphatically suggest that you don’t – you can listen to “Two Princes” 100-straight times below.

Ready, set, Spin Doctor!

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