A Violinist Drops Her Bow And Picks Up A Lightsaber To Play This ‘Star Wars’ Medley

Hey, did you hear about the new Star Wars movie? Probably, right? You also probably saw it, because it made a metric ton of money. People love Star Wars stuff, and, in honor of this new film, there have been all sorts of fan-made videos out there, including several of a musical variety. One such video was made by violinist Taylor Davis who, if nothing else, deserves credit for the effort she put into making it visually dynamic.

Davis plays a medley of Star Wars songs on the violin, which is kind of interesting, for starters. However, like so many products out there trying to glom onto Star Wars mania, she also decided to represent the “light side” and the “dark side” of the Force. One moment, she’s bathed in bright white light looking all angelic. The next, she’s basically Darth Maul, playing the violin in a red room.

To top it off, she decided to deck out her bow so that it looks like a lightsaber. Sure, an actual lightsaber would cut through a violin, and maybe make it disappear and turn into a ghostly mentor, but that’s not important. There’s also a behind-the-scenes video if you want to know how Davis put the video together. If you don’t have Star Wars fatigue, it’s worth checking out — even if her “light side” persona looks more like a Lord of the Rings character than a Star Wars character.

(Via Daily Dot)