‘Stranger Things’ Spooky, Nostalgic Music Is Back On The Season 2 Soundtrack

One of the most anticipated entertainment events of 2017 is just a couple weeks away, as the adorably adventurous kids from Stranger Things will return to Netflix for a second season on October 27. Most aspects of the new run are tightly kept secrets, but today we have an announcement that is expected if not welcome.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are back as composers for the Season 2 soundtrack, just as the S U R V I V E members did for Season 1. The pair announced the tracklist for the new album, which features a whopping 34 songs, while sharing the first track from the collection. The initial sampling, “Walkin’ In Hawkins,” picks up right where the previous score left off, with the vintage synth sounds drawing a direct line from the 80’s nostalgia that is embedded in the show to the modern streaming platform that it is consumed.

Maybe most exciting for Stranger Things obsessives is the tracklist, which is mostly cryptic but does offer a few clues as to what’s to come. “Eggo In The Snow” is maybe the most direct of the titles, referencing the hero Eleven, while a name like “Chicago” might indicate a broadening of the Stranger Things universe.

Check out Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s “Walkin’ In Hawkins” below, as well as the tracklist for Stranger Things 2 OST.

1. “Walkin’ In Hawkins”
2. “Home”
3. “Eulogy”
4. “On The Bus”
5. “Presumptuous”
6. “Eight Fifteen”
7. “The First Lie”
8. “Scars”
9. “I Can Save Them”
10. “Descent Into The Rift”
11. “Chicago”
12. “Looking For A Way Out”
13. “Birth / Rescue”
14. ‘In The Woods”
15. “Digging”
16. “Symptoms”
17. “Eggo In The Snow”
18. “Soldiers”
19. “Choices”
20. “Never Tell”
21. “She Wants Me To Find Her”
22. “Shouldn’t Have Lied”
23. “It’s a Trap”
24. “Crib”
25. “The Return”
26. “Escape”
27. “We Go Out Tonight”
28. “Connect The Dots”
29. “The Hub”
30. “On Edge”
31. “What Else Did You See?”
32. “Run”
33. “Levitation”
34. “To Be Continued”