Listen To The Avett Brothers, DJ Shadow, And The Albums You Need To Hear This Week


In no way should this overshadow the rest of the fine artists releasing albums this week, but yes, Adele‘s 25 is finally available on all streaming platforms. There was no way to start this week without getting that out of the way. Now that the obvious has been addressed, we’ve got some great new stuff this week as well. The Avett Brothers are back with another healthy helping of indie folk, DJ Shadow has returned with more trippy tunes, and Hot Hot Heat say goodbye with their farewell album. In addition to that, there’s new material from Deerhoof, Riff Raff, Cliff Martinez — composer of the soundtracks for Drive and Only God Forgives — and many more. Here are the albums you need to hear this week.

The Avett Brothers – True Sadness

For those who are only somewhat familiar with the Avett Brothers, let us be clear: They aren’t exactly new to this. The indie folk band are releasing their ninth LP this week by the way of True Sadness; they are nobody’s trendhoppers. The timelessness of the group is displayed in the album’s range, like with lead single, “Ain’t No Man,” a jamming stomper that frankly has a little funk to it — a result of executive producer Rick Rubin, no doubt. Elsewhere on the record on “No Hard Feelings” and “Divorce Separation Blues,” the Avetts emote with such richness. You’d have to work hard not to find something to connect with here.

DJ Shadow – The Mountain Will Fall

There are so few artists like DJ Shadow who can manage to dig deep sonically with such range. The opening title track of The Mountain Will Fall feels like a world ender, with what seems like a chopped up Madchester-era classic that’s all lush electronic sounds and feeling. But that jump cuts right into the booming single “Nobody Speak” featuring young hip-hop kings Run The Jewels. It’s been nearly 20 years since the release of the groundbreaking Entroducing…, and honestly, Shadow still feels as sonically adventurous as ever. He has his safe spots, surely, but the journey you’re taken on here is one that you’ll never regret taking.

Hot Hot Heat – Hot Hot Heat

In 2002, a band like Hot Hot Heat was inescapable. If you listened to rock radio or found yourself among the post-punk/art rock/indie pop crowd, you definitely heard “Bandages” ad nauseum. Following their thunderous debut, Make Up The Breakdown, the group has consistently released fantastically catchy and sprawling indie rock for 14 years, but the group has decided that their fifth studio album will be their last. Singer Steve Bays said in a statement, “To be able to tour from 1999 to 2014 and play hundreds of shows a year was amazing. It changed all of our lives. It was the greatest experience I could ever imagine.” Well, their self-titled swan song is much more of a bang than a whimper. “Kid Who Stays In The Picture,” the album’s lead single, is a psych pop ode to a childhood friend who once had all the promise in the world, but grew up and lost that wonder. It feels like Hot Hot Heat mean to say, even as the band comes to pass, that though the circumstances around us change, it shouldn’t change who we are. That’s something worth remembering.

Here are the rest of the week’s new releases:

Adele – 25 [wide streaming release]
Deerhoof – The Magic
Riff Raff – Peach Panther
Cliff Martinez – The Neon Demon Soundtrack
Steve Vai – Modern Primitive
Cassius – Ibifornia
J Balvin – Energia
Broods – Conscious
Mindless Behavior – #OfficialMBMusic