Stunna Girl Announces Her Arrival With The Cheeky ‘Still Smoke’ Video

Today was a big day for women in hip-hop. Kash Dolla released the Goldilocks-inspired video for “Bossa Nova,” new Quality Control signee Lakeyah bared her heart with “Worst Things,” and Queen Key made a triumphant comeback via her video for “Too Hot.” It only seems right that one last newcomer solidifies her presence alongside the latest wave of fire female talent in rap music. Sacramento-bred Stunna Girl has been making a name for herself for a bit, recently signing with Epic Records. Today, she shares the first fruits of that partnership with the video for her new single, “Still Smoke.”

The first thing that grabs the listener’s attention is the beat, a bombastic confluence of New Orleans bounce chants and the synthesizer theme from Eddie Murphy’s 1984 comedy classic Beverly Hills Cop (it’s a big year for women and Murphy’s ’80s hits in general, with Megan Thee Stallion contributing to the theme for his Coming To America sequel). The next thing is Stunna Girl’s voice, which is brash and brassy, just a hair below shouting, and her guffaw-producing punchlines. “I just counted up a mil and still feel broke,” she humble-boasts. If that’s an example of the drive she’s operating with, then she’s definitely going to hustle until she’s a star.

Check out Stunna Girl’s “Still Smoke” video above.