Summer Walker Vows To Stop Making Songs After 2020

Artists threaten to quit music all the time before going back on their word. Jay-Z famously quit after the release of his Black Album only to return three years later with Kingdom Come. Just recently, Nicki Minaj, Noname, and more have “retired” from music only to return shortly thereafter — even if only to fulfill previously existing obligations. In the case of Summer Walker, though, there is a little more reason for fans to be concerned.

For one, the emerging Atlanta-bred singer’s career is only just taking off, but she’s already addressed the severe anxiety that performing gives her, saying she may stop touring entirely. For another, she has a seemingly love/hate relationship with both the music business and with her fame online, which is ironically where she does much of her venting. She posted a short text message to her Instagram Story overnight warning fans of her own impending retirement, writing: “lol I’m deadass never making another song after 2020.”


Naturally, some fans were distraught and caught off-guard, imploring the singer to continue making music. For some, her work was a comfort in troubled times, while others called her their “Beyonce.” While that particular comparison may be a stretch for some to make, Summer’s fanbase does tend to skew young — perhaps young enough that Beyonce’s seismic cultural impact seems smaller and further away than the more poignant, intimate effect Walker’s music can have to a listener just discovering their own favorites for the first time. Take heart, young fans — history is on your side, and Summer will most likely be back.

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