Summer Walker Hits The Strip Club In Her ‘Stretch You Out’ Video With A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Monday morning, Summer Walker tweeted London, the producer of “Stretch You Out” with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, that she wanted to drop a song later that night. After he agreed, she tweeted out a preview of the song and video a few hours later before officially releasing the full song. “im tryna drop a song tonight London,” Summer said on Twitter. “y’all help me convince his ass.”

In the video for “Stretch You Out,” Summer appears in a two-piece while dancing and gripping a stripper pole. The viewer’s vision is blurry and the camera angle is sideways while watching Summer until she spits her verse. Summer spends her verse dancing and getting off her chest how bad her ex is. “You want p*ssy six times a week,” Summer says. “And you never wanna clean up.”

Enter: A Boogie, playing the role of “captain save-her.” While not present for the video, the “viewer” can be seen during his verse, and it’s a patron getting a private dance from Summer. “Girl I heard that you’ve been hurtin’,” A Boogie says. “Just let me know if it ain’t workin’.”

With the release of “Stretch You Out,” Summer’s gearing up to release her debut album Over it next month, and to hit the road for her tour.

Summer’s debut album Over it is out October 4. You can pre-order the album here, and purchase tickets for The First And Last Tour here.