Baltimore’s Sun Club Is Growing Up And Cleaning Up With The Announcement Of Their Breakup

04.14.17 2 years ago

The loud psych-pop group Sun Club, which originally started as the youthful high school project of neighbors, officially became a band in April 2012. Exactly five years later, the Baltimore-based band has sadly announced that Sun Club will be no more, and that they are breaking up.

The quintet, originally consisting of Mikey Powers (vocals, guitar), Shane McCord (vocals, guitar), Devin McCord (drums), Kory Johnson (multi-instrumentalist), and Adam Shane (bass), started almost ten years ago as a teenage project in the McCord brothers’ basement. The two brothers and their neighbor, Powers, originally played metal music, but when they added Johnson in 2010, they evolved into grunge and eventually into pop with the final addition of Shane in 2012.

In August 2013, Sun Club independently released their first music, a 7-inch called Beauty Meat/Language Juice. They quickly followed this up in the beginning of 2014 with their first EP, Dad Claps At The Mom Prom.

With the release of their first music, Sun Club immediately showed their signature sound. They ran with the sonic experimentation of early Animal Collective, but still maintained many of their roots in 2000s DIY metal, punk, and grunge. They perfected this signature sound with the release of their first full-length record, The Dongo Durango in October 2015 via ATO Records. Listen to the album in full here.

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