Syd’s Sensual New EP ‘Always Never Home’ Is Her Futuristic Take On Nineties R&B

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After dropping a pair of singles announcing a new tour, Syd has released a full four-song EP entitled Always Never Home. The suite includes her previously singles, “Bad Dream” and “No Looking Back,” are included here as one track, with “Moving Mountains” and “On The Road” constituting the newest additions to her constantly expanding solo discography. Syd continues to push the boundaries of R&B, while hewing close to the Timbaland-funk infused formula that made Fin one of the best projects the genre has seen in a good, long while.

The Always Never Home tour will hit twenty-one cities beginning in October (with multiple appearances in Los Angeles, both solo and alongside The Internet) and continue through the fall, which is good news for Odd Future’s only female member. She’ll be performing twice at fellow Odd Future member Tyler The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, as part of one of the most inclusive lineups of any festival this year.

Odd Future has been going through ups and downs as a group while its individual members flourish; a Twitter account that may or may not be affiliated with them was hacked and used to make threats toward Kendall Jenner, but Tyler The Creator released his most mature album yet and helped diversity and representation in animation take a massive leap with his new series, The Jellies! on Adult Swim. Odd Future has certainly come a long way from their origin as rabble-rousing, controversy-courting teens, and are finally coming into their own as musicians and creative forces to be reckoned with in entertainment.

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