SZA Transports To Her Happy Place In The Whimsical ‘Good Days’ Video

Fans have been pressing SZA about the status of her sophomore album ever since the singer’s debut record Ctrl took off in 2017. SZA has said that her next LP is “on the way,” but to appease fans, the singer returned Friday to share a vibrant video alongside her 2020 single “Good Days.”

Directed by SZA herself, the “Good Days” visual depicts SZA drifting off in a daydream and transporting herself to two of her happy places. She appears in a whimsical garden, surrounded by moss and life-sized mushrooms, where she lets go of her inhibitions through meditation and dance. Her second happy place is a fully stocked library, where she combs through books while pole dancing.

Ahead of the visual’s release, SZA addressed how a snippet of her upcoming song went viral on TikTok. Because the song is unreleased, fans have decided to name it “Shirt,” but SZA isn’t so sure about that title. “‘Shirt’ is super easy to remember and now every time I work on it in the studio I reference it as ‘Shirt,’” she said in a recent interview with CBS This Morning. “Some people call it ‘Blood Stain,’ which is very graphic. Now this song, which I wasn’t even 100 percent sure of the placement on my album has centered itself on my album. Now we shot a video for it.”

Watch SZA’s “Good Days” video above.