SZA’s Perhaps-Unexpected Pick For ‘GOAT’ Is ‘The Realest B*tch Alive’ For Multiple Reasons

The first lady of Top Dawg Entertainment is having a stellar year. After earning her first No. 1 album on the Billboard charts, singer SZA avoided the sophomore jinx. Earning praises from rap superstar Drake, SOS was a new creative exploration that eventually paid off for the New Jersey native.

The five-year break didn’t deter fans from jumping into the 23-track project. In fact, the hiatus grew their love for the songwriter even fonder. Despite SZA not having the chance to collaborate with Bad Bunny, Frank Ocean, and Billie Eilish, the features that did make the cut, including fan-favorite Phoebe Bridgers, there’s still one artist “PSA” singer might love to join forces with.

Although the singer has publicly declared her love for “About Damn Time” time singer Lizzo on numerous occasions, her musical “GOAT” (greatest of all time) is someone outside the boundaries of genres. During an interview with EW, SZA revealed her GOAT is actually, Björk.

When asked about an interpolation of Björk’s “Hidden Place” appearing in her song “Forgiveless,” SZA replied, “I’ve always loved Björk. She’s the GOAT to me. From the way she was beating up reporters to the way she emotes in her music, she’s just the realest b*tch alive.”

The interviewer, Owen Myers, goes on to ask how SZA discovered Björk’s music, to which she answered, ” [An] iPod I found had a bunch of music, and her music was on there. But I had already been listening to it because we did dances to it in high school. I was part of a company called Special Dance, and we did a dance to ‘Jóga.'”

SZA is undoubtedly a woman of eclectic taste.