SZA’s Album Might Finally Be On The Way After She Drops ‘Road To CTRL’ Mini-Doc

There may be no stranger occurrence in music right now than a TDE promotional cycle. They range from all-inclusive barrages of material to next to nothing breadcrumb trails of the tiniest morsels of information one day leading to something. Maybe. You never really know with TDE.

With SZA, it seems to be the latter, but gradually the morsels are getting bigger and after an apparent delay, an actual album seems imminent. The latest chunk of material from TDE comes way of an interactive website for SZA’s CTRL album at And the gold at the end of the rainbow is the short behind the scenes clip “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN: road to Ctrl.”

Shot and edited by Jason Chandler, Cody Jordan, James Rothman And Fredo Tovar the three-minute video features plenty of behind the scenes footage of SZA making the album, performing on tour, celebrating a birthday and generally enjoying life. There’s also snippets of new music and SZA enjoying the hell out of The Clipse “Mr. Me Too” like everybody else in the world.

Tyler the Creator and Kehlani make brief appearances, but the video is meant to showcase SZA and everything she has in store for our ears soon. And by the looks of it, CTRL should probably be on the way very soon.