Watch SZA Perform A Brand-New Song, ‘Shirt,’ At Grey Goose’s ‘In Bloom’ Concert

In a pre-recorded collaborative concert with Grey Goose titled In Bloom, SZA unveiled part of a brand-new song, “Shirt,” live. Fans and social media users might already be familiar with the silky track, as it made the rounds on TikTok earlier this year when the R&B sensation shared a snippet of “Shirt” to her Instagram story. Likewise, SZA’s “Good Days” video included a tease of the new track near the clip’s end.

In a statement prior to the event, SZA said:

“I feel like In Bloom really captures where I’m at right now, especially after a year and a half of lockdown, which is also why it feels like the best place to debut some of my new material. I’m so excited for my fans to see this performance.”

At the event, which took place in Los Angeles, SZA also provided an update regarding the long-anticipated follow-up to 2017’s critically adored Ctrl. “I’m actually probably about to scrap all of it and start from scratch,” she told WWD about the new record. “I think [fans will] be surprised to know that it’s not what they thought, and it’s not coming when they thought,” she said. “I hope that they’ll be pleasantly surprised.” Then she added, “I’m literally not talking about my album anymore until it’s out in the world. At this point, I’m gonna start jinxing it, and I don’t want to jinx anything.”

To hear SZA perform a bit of “Shirt,” head to the 49:05 mark in the video above.