Tayla Parx Doesn’t Want To ‘Dance Alone’ In Her Vibrant Video

Dallas-born singer Tayla Parx made a name for herself last year with her debut album We Need To Talk. Now, the singer is gearing up for another big release. Teasing her upcoming sophomore record Coping Mechanisms, Parx shared the groove-driven track “Dance Alone” in May as a reflection on human connection. On Friday, the singer followed up her single’s release with a vibrant new video.

Directed by Qwely, Parx’s “Dance Alone” video makes the most of her quarantine. Opening in her mood-lit room, Parx exudes joy as she gets up on her feet, gracefully shimmies down her stairwell, and showcases her best dance moves around her colorful home.

In a statement alongside the video’s release, Parx said she hopes the video makes her fans feel more connected: “We’re all stuck inside, while coping with being away from loved ones more than usual. We need human connection, but at least when you’re home dancing in your pajamas while blasting your favorite song, you feel a little less alone. You have the music to keep you company. Show me you’re dancing alone if you can relate.”

Watch Parx’s “Dance Alone” video above.

Tayla Parx is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.