Taylor Lautner Confirms What Everybody Already Knew About Taylor Swift’s Song ‘Back To December’

A long, long time ago (about six boyfriends ago) Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner spent a few brief months as Taylor squared, the most twee teenage couple in the neighborhood. They went to hockey games together and made it on the jumbotron, and even appeared together in Garry Marshall’s (RIP) holiday romp Valentine’s Day. Remember when Taylor Swift really wanted to make acting happen? Glad we’re over that phase. Now that their relationship is ancient history by Hollywood standards, Lautner is finally spilling about Swift writing a song about the breakdown of their relationship.

It’s been years since the end of their coupledom, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped caring about which pieces of Taylor’s song lyrics are about each former flame. In this case, Lautner has finally confirmed that the song “Back to December” off of the Speak Now album is about his relationship and subsequent breakup with Swift. It only took the better part of a decade and some prodding from his Scream Queens co-stars for him to fess up, but seems okay with it since “that’s what [Taylor] does.” The admission comes at a particularly good time, since not only does Lautner have a new role to promote heading into the fall television season but the world has been in a bit of a Taylor draught ever since Kim Kardashian ethered the singer via a brutal series of Snapchat videos. The only hint of Hiddleswift in weeks has been Tom coming out of hiding as his Avengers character.

Watch the full video of Taylor Lautner, Lea Michele, and John Stamos goofing off. Stamos has dad jokes, and Lautner even calls the prospect of dating Her Swiftness now “hilarious.”

(via TIME)