Taylor Swift Met Her New Kitten Benjamin Button On Set For The ‘ME!’ Video

Taylor Swift‘s “ME!” video welcomes a new era of music for the singer, but it also welcomes a new member of the Swift family. “ME!” is the first appearance of Swift’s adorable new kitten, Benjamin Button.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Swift shares the story of how she met and fell in love with the little guy. He appeared in her video for “ME!” as just a cat actor, but he and Swift had a real connection, and she inquired about adopting him. In the video, you can see Ben (does he mind if I call him that?) purring and curling up in Swift’s arms. He’s affectionate and super cute, and Swift can’t stop showing him off to her parents and “ME!” feature Brendon Urie.

It’s obviously love at first sight, and “ME!” will always be a sweet memory for Swift. “Whenever I watch the video, I’ll be like, ‘That’s the first time I saw him!,” Swift gushes to Urie.

If you aren’t a cat person, the video also offers cool behind-the-scenes footage, showing how the dreamy pastel video was shot. Although, if you’re not a cat person, Swift wants to have a word with you.

Watch Swift’s new behind-the-scenes video for “ME!” above.