Taylor Swift Makes A Surprise Appearance In Nashville To Sing, Knock Back Fireball Shots And Reminisce

Unless you have a special The Squad decoder ring, it’s not exactly easy to see Taylor Swift live in somewhere other than a massive stadium or award function. That’s just the deal in the 2010s, but on Saturday night Taylor made a surprise appearance that’s likely to keep her devoted Swifties even more on their toes than usual come Reputation tour season.

Taylor made a surprise appearance at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe last night to what The Tennessean described as a roughly 40 patron Easter eve crowd. Appearing alongside Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame decorated talent Craig Wiseman, Taylor shared a number of classic songs, knocked back shots of Fireball and as is her brand, offered a sweet message of gratitude to the Tennessee landmark.

“I wanted to say a big thank you to the Bluebird Cafe,” said Swift. “I think any songwriter in town would echo my sentiments and say that this is kind of the only place where this exists — this particular place where you get to come and hear the writer’s take on the songs they’ve put out into the world.”

Among the tunes pulled out of Taylor’s spacious bag of tricks were “Love Story,” “Shake It Off” and the Taylor-penned Little Big Town hit “Better Man.” One imagines one, two or all three of those songs will get a stadium-sized spotlight when the Reputation tour launches May 8 in Glendale, Arizona. Feel free to overanalyze Swift’s Nashville drop-in to weigh whether or not we’re getting a more country Taylor on the next record.

(Via The Tennessean)