More Than 400,000 People Reportedly Registered To Vote Because Of Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift broke her political silence earlier this week when she condemned Tennessee’s Republican senator Marsha Blackburn and endorsed her opponent, Democrat Phil Bredesen, and Democratic House of Representatives candidate, Jim Cooper.

The results of Swift’s Instagram post were immediate. Donald Trump responded to a question about Swift and, more importantly, thousands of (mostly young) people registered to vote. Days after the initial endorsement and it apparently Democracy hasn’t slowed down.

According to an e-mail from, over 400,000 people have registered to vote since Swift and some other notable celebrities directed fans to the website. Around a quarter of a million of the new registrants are under 30-years old. It’s clear that Swift’s political call to action has resonated with young people in a way that P-Diddy and Paris Hilton were never able to by threatening them with death.

We won’t know the full effect of Swift’s actions until Election Day, but some think Swift fans could even turn the state blue. Of course, Fox News says that Blackburn still leads Bresden in the polls, so who really knows?

Plenty of publications are asking if the people who registered will actually vote. It’s a fair question. The Internet has a short attention span and November 6th is forever away on the actual calendar. If Taylor Swift wants to see any real results, she had better keep reminding people (as she did during her AMA’s acceptance speech) all the way through early November.